Scrum Day Guatemala is an annual event that brings together professionals from various industries to explore and discuss the latest trends and best practices in Agile project management. This one-day conference provides a platform for participants to learn from industry experts, network with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights into how to successfully implement Scrum methodologies in their organizations.

Why Attend Scrum Day Guatemala?

Scrum has become increasingly popular in recent years as organizations strive to become more agile and responsive to market demands. Scrum Day Guatemala offers a unique opportunity for professionals to deepen their understanding of Scrum principles and techniques, and how they can be applied to drive innovation and improve project outcomes.

By attending Scrum Day Guatemala, you will:

Who Should Attend?

Scrum Day Guatemala is designed for professionals who are involved in Agile project management, including:

Whether you are new to Scrum or have years of experience, Scrum Day Guatemala offers something for everyone. The conference provides a platform for both beginners and seasoned professionals to learn, share, and grow in their Agile journey.


Scrum Day Guatemala is a must-attend event for professionals who are passionate about Agile project management and want to stay ahead of the curve. By attending this conference, you will gain valuable insights, learn from industry experts, and connect with a vibrant community of Agile enthusiasts. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of Agile project management.

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